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      3D acoustic wall panels


      3D Cubic Acoustic Panel is a pre-finished acoustic wall tile designed to create a contemporary interior and open the realms of design flexibility in any interior environment. It is a lightweight semi-ridged the product that will create a contemporary and decorative interior whilst helping to reduce reverberation sound and assist in controlling back ground noise.



      100% polyester fibre without chemical binders or retardants.

      General use

      Interior decoration 3D acoustic wall panels


      Modular design for easy installation and demountable allowing your design to evolve with you


      Minimum of 60% already recycled polyester fibre; made from post production waste


      Non- toxic, non -allergenic and non-irritant 3D acoustic wall panel


      Resistant to fading


      Automation production 3D acoustic wall panel

      Easy installation

      Light weight and easy to install

      To reduce indoor noise or improve indoor acoustics acoustic components. 3 d sound absorbing body have province materials, light weight, less investment, high absorption efficiency, flexible layout, the characteristics of the construction is convenient. Since the 1950 s in many countries have begun to use 3 d sound absorbing body, applied widely in the 70 s. China since the 70 s began to application. Application of increasing in the 80 s. 3 d sound absorption according to the nature of the use of the building, area, height, structure, decoration and source characteristics, requirements for slab, block, cylinder, cone and sphere, such as a variety of shapes. The slab structure is the most simple, the most common applications. 3 d sound absorbing body used for indoor stadium, its means of all kinds of shape, decoration, can enhance the indoor decorative effect, the most important thing is that its sound absorption performance, can prevent defects within the large hall echo, and effectively reduce the reverberation time.

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