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      Office acoustics


      Type: Acoustic Panels

      General use: Interior decoration & highway sound barrier

      Name: Office acoustic

      Material: 100% polyester fibre office acoustic

      • Flame Retardant: ASTM E84 Class A
      • Color: Office acoustic can be customized
      • Application: School/office/cinema/gym etc
      • Certification: SGS, Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Intertek
      • Acoustics: EN ISO 354:2003: NRC-0.85
      • Production: Automation production office acoustic
      • Weight Range: 1300g/m2-3500g/m2

      Acoustics: wide frequency bandwidth, NRC(noise reduction coefficiency) reaches more than 0.85.

      Eco-friendly: no chemical irritants, free of harmful substances.

      Flammability: Euroclass EN 13501-1:B-s1-d0(flame treated), D-s1-d0(untreated);North American class ASTM E84-15a: FSI-20, SDI-450

      Recycled:  Office acoustic is made from 100% PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) which is recyclable.

      Decorative: GREENISH office acoustic is available printed in an array of colourways and designs. It is also available embossed providing a subtle textured result. The perfect solution for adding contemporary design to an interior space.

      Thermal Insulation

      High impact resistance



      Product Overview

      Office acoustic items can optimize the color and style of the office, they are space efficient and highly effectively improve the acoustic effects of the large space office environment. You can pin all kinds of things to this sound insulating screen and attach it to cabinets, so it’s practical to fix your office things to and attractive in any office environment.  is space efficient and highly effective.

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