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      Engraving acoustic desk screen


      Beautiful decorate acoustic desk screens

      Type: Office Furniture

      Brand Name: GREENISH

      Dimension: According to customer's requirement or model

      Production: Automation production acoustic desk screens

      Recyclable: Acoustic floor screens are recyclable

      General Use: Commercial Furniture

      Model Number: acoustic desk screens

      General use: Acoustic desk screens are used for Interior decoration

      Application: Acoustic desk screens are applicated in school/office etc.

      Decorative: Acoustic floor screens are decorative

      Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland)

      Material: 100% polyester fibre acoustic desk screens

      Color: Acoustic desk screens color can be customized

      Product name: Acoustic desk screens

      Installation: Easy installation Acoustic floor screens


      Nowadays we work in open-plan offices, it is convenient to exchange among the staff, but noisy problem comes out. The workspace divider can effectively reduce the noise in the office and safeguards your privacy at work. Hide away your cable clutter and computer screen in an orderly fashion. Easy to install on any workstation.


      Product  name                              Engraving Acoustic Desk Screen

      Product  material                         100% Polyester Fibre (PET)

      Product  size                                 380mm*600mm           

      Product  thickness                       18mm        




      More size & color can be customized.

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